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let {substantiv}

IT let

1. Sport

let (dar şi: net)
let {substantiv}
Per ulteriori informazioni, strumenti e risorse, consulta Let's make the web faster.
For more information, tools, and resources, see Let's Make The Web Faster.
Let the training begin ! (Che la lezione inizi !)
( Let the training begin right now ! )
Cleanup in Europe e Let's do it World 2012 (dichiarazione scritta)
Cleanup in Europe and Let's do it World 2012 (written declaration)

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Italianto let abbiamo una superficie di 400 m2 da affittare
ItalianIn these days of Advent, in company with the holy and immaculate Mother of God, let us prepare to welcome her Son into our lives and into our hearts.
This truth of faith is contained in the words of greeting the Archangel Gabriel addressed to her: “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you!” (Lk 1:28).